PRE-Black Friday Rumble

I have a little story to tell:

I was in need of a new purse, most women understand that need. Guys, if you do not get it please don’t worry about it. It’s a woman thing! While at a local retail store today, not Black Friday, I reached for a purse from the back of a rack. As I am pulling the purse from the rack, a lady next to me grabs hold of the purse and  refuses to let go. She starts claiming she had it first and I need to let go.

When she realized I wasn’t letting go, she decided she’d try to jerk it out of  my hand. All this managed to do was land me flat on my tail! (What she didn’t realize was that I now had a good reason to press charges if I wanted to) At this point, I asked another customer to get an employee for me. The salesperson that came over, attempted to reason with the lady and helped me up, but my new best buddy continued to refuse to let the purse go. I kept my cool and never raised my voice to the lady. I have a very weak voice at times and I have never managed conflict well.

You see, we are not talking about an expensive  designer bag, just a  bigger cross-body purse for all of  my junk. I can no longer carry anything in my left hand and stay on my feet. It doesn’t take much to throw me off-balance. The cross-body bag allows me to carry my bag and doesn’t throw my balance off. Although I may prefer a certain brand of purse, I have to go with what works now.

Barry is a doll for helping carry my purse, when I need help. He doesn’t need to be walking around carrying my bag. I feel so bad every time I see him with it. That is the only reason I was out looking today. I own enough purses to be honest. I truly do not need something else to add to our closet.

As the woman continued to refuse to let go, the salesperson informed her that if we couldn’t resolve this issue ourselves, she’d have to call the local police. The police were called, they arrived and heard our story. They started talking to the other lady about letting the purse go. The minute she let go, I grabbed my buggy and headed for checkout. I was exhausted from the stress and aggravation of it all.

I have no clue what went on after I left, I was just glad to be out of the store with the object I went shopping for!