Alert….Alert….Mom has lost her muffin…..

We were up, getting ready to go to church. Mom calls me to the back. She is so distressed and doesn’t know what to do. I asked, “Mom, what is wrong?”  She proceeded to tell me that she got up,  took her medication she needs before breakfast and proceeded to get her breakfast ready. At the same time she started preparing for church. Well………when she got ready for her breakfast, it was no where to be found. She looked around for a few minutes and got a bowl out for cereal. She was so worried about where the muffin was, so Barry and I went on a muffin hunt in mom’s kitchen. Maggie thought we were nuts.  We told her just to focus on getting ready and not to worry. That muffin was NOT in her kitchen anywhere. I found it, after church in the clothes dryer. Maggie thoroughly enjoyed mom’s breakfast, for lunch.

I’m not even going to make an attempt to figure it out. After all, I lost my keys for a month once upon a time. A month later, when taking a pot roast out of the freezer, there they were. Safe and sound, frozen to the freezer. Oh well….I can’t say a thing to mom when I do the same thing at times………….