Mom ironed her table cloth!!

Let me clarify that, mom ironed her vinyl tablecloth without disaster. When I found out, I have to admit I was a little worried. She had also cleaned off her table, no big deal other than she moved in, back in July. She now has somewhere to sit to eat.

She was so happy. I told her I was proud and I took a picture. I wanna see how long it stays clean. She has been in a little low in the energy department lately. Shes had me a little worried. I talked with her about it yesterday, now today she was up early on her own.

She went to exercise class and is planning to go on a Sunday School trip in the morning. She has either found a second wind, started taking her medication correctly or she has finally caught up with herself.  I’m not sure…

God lead me to a special person….

In my heart, I truly believe that God brought Chug Heather (as my hubby calls her) into my life. He calls her that because of her coloscopy post where she talked about, “Just chug it”.

I was doing a random search on brain tumors when I found the website “brain tumor buddies”. On the page, I found the link to Brain Tumor Thursdays, with the latest post by a lady named Heather. Even bigger coincidence, she had the same problem tumor I had, a nasty thing called a gangliocytoma. Along with this lovely tumor comes a diagnosis of Cowden’s Syndrome (an extremely rare genetic disorder).

Don’t get me wrong, all of my doctor’s, nurses and the other staff I have dealt with have been wonderful, but finding Heather was such a thrill. I could actually finally talk to someone who understands. I had this enormous feeling of relief knowing I wasn’t alone in LDD and Cowden’s Syndrome nightmare. It was truly wonderful when I discovered she would talk to me. The internet is a wonderful tool. Heather and I would never have met if not for the web. I’m on the East Coast, she is on the west coast. The closest I have ever gotten to the west coast is Nevada.

Heather picked the perfect name for her blog, HopeforHeather. Heather brought hope back into my life. She has encouraged me to hang in there, she helped me organize my blog and taught me a few things about WordPress. She is also helping me with another project I’m working on. I think all I have done for her is confusion.

This post describes why I feel God lead me to her. I prayed for answers and someone to talk to that could understand and I discover this west young woman with a huge heart.

Thank you, Heather, you have truly been a Godsend. I hope you are having a bless week. Knowing you are out there, makes each of my days a little brighter. Barry says hello and thank you for taking some pressure off him.