Shopping Trip and realistic photos……

Ok……I need to explain a few things…..I, Jill, can no longer see well to the left. looking forward, I’m fine, I have to physically turn to see to the left. Barry’s stroke affected his left side, so he has minimal trouble with his vision on the left.

Soooooooooo….let me tell you about a few crazy shopping trips……..I, Jill was browsing a rack at Ross when I felt like a woman near me was getting a little pushy and getting very close. With my balance issues, I enjoy my personal space. When I turned to the left, thinking I’ll just go to the other side and let her have it, I realized the pushy lady was a photo on the end-cap. Boy, did I feel silly!

Barry will not usually tell me about this kind of thing, but he had a similar experience at Walgreen’s. When changing aisles, he passed a  life-size cardboard Taylor Swift and said “Excuse me, ma’am!” and stepped out-of-the-way. As he was passing the figure, he realized it  wasn’t real. He looked around to see if any one had witnessed his faux paux, then went on his way.

Life with Mom…..

My mother lives with us. For emergencies, we bought a wireless doorbell for her room. She can ring the bell for help at night. This morning, I was doing my morning care routine, when the doorbell started ringing over and over. OK, I’m thinking she is hurt or sick and needs help NOW! We collided at the laundry room door. She thought we were ringing the bell and needed her.

While doing her “morning thing”, she sat her notebook on top of the bell. I was wide awake now, with everyone else. We had a big breakfast and got our Saturday going…..

One of those moments………


While in an appointment with Barry yesterday, a comment was made that tickled Dr. T.

Since the stroke, Barry’s INR (blood clotting factor) has been unstable. This has meant several trips to the local hospital lab. I tease Barry that one of the lab-techs is sweet on him. It relaxes him a little, since hospitals can make him tense.

While in with Dr. T., I asked Barry, “Did your girlfriend draw your blood today?” Dr. T. almost fell out of her chair giggling. She said you two are”cute” and left the room quickly. It was one of those moments….