One of those moments………


While in an appointment with Barry yesterday, a comment was made that tickled Dr. T.

Since the stroke, Barry’s INR (blood clotting factor) has been unstable. This has meant several trips to the local hospital lab. I tease Barry that one of the lab-techs is sweet on him. It relaxes him a little, since hospitals can make him tense.

While in with Dr. T., I asked Barry, “Did your girlfriend draw your blood today?” Dr. T. almost fell out of her chair giggling. She said you two are”cute” and left the room quickly. It was one of those moments….

2 thoughts on “One of those moments………

  1. I went to the doctor with a throat complaint.* After explaining my symptoms, the doctor examined me. In a very bemused tone he exclaimed he had never seen anything like it in his 25 years as a GP, thanked me a number of times, and recommened I let it run its course. Never has WTF been more appropriate.

    *a very swollen throat, with palatine uvula** stretched so it rests on my tongue.
    I know. I feel the same way.


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