I feel like I need to write, but not sure what to say….I promise not to ramble….

Birthday was totally awesome. As usual my husband is a total nut, but he made the day memorable…..I never cared much for birthdays, but they seem to be more important lately. I felt all giddy inside, silly……but  I did.

They (meaning one of my good doctors) have messed with my medications again, trying to improve my short term memory. The first drug threw me into an arrhythmia that had me in the ER. Found out it was an interaction with another drug causing the problem. Apparently doctors do not always check the meds you are on before prescribing drugs that do not play together well in your body.  It hasn’t totally straightened out yet, but is better. I am not sure why I feel the way I do, but it has to be related to change in medication. I am afraid I’ll ramble, let me just do this later…..