I tried to sleep in, but……

Do you have those days when life appears to start earlier than usual? Miss Maggie decided that I needed to be up as soon as Barry went to the office this morning. The crazy dog hopped in the bed, licked my check and started quietly grumbling. As I did not respond, she got louder. I figured why fight the mutt’s need for company and got up…..It is now 4 hours later and I still need caffeine…….I forgot, I gave the stuff up, guess I need a nap…Hope everyone has a beautiful, bless day!

Coffee, anyone? Even the dog?

While making breakfast this morning, I handled the coffee while Barry did the eggs. When I handed him a cup, ” I stated he may want to let it cool a little”. He starts talking about being sure to give Maggie’s to her cold. Puzzled, I asked, “Are you asking me to make the dog, Maggie, a cup of coffee or did I miss something? He said, “You didn’t, but I think I did.” He, of course, was talking about the egg he was about to cook for her.

I have got to remember to get his attention before I start talking. I will sometimes wonder if his “selective hearing” is in overdrive. Who knows?

Did you know Waffle House has it’s own trash service?

OK, I posted a couple of Barry’s wacky moments. It is only fair I add a few of mine. Along with my left-sided vision being effected, my distance vision likes to play tricks on me.

A friend and I ¬†were riding down a local 2-lane highway, about 6 cars ahead of us was a garbage truck. It clearly had a big sign across the back, in bright yellow and black. At that distance, I would have sworn it said ‘Waffle House’. I made this statement, “Oh look, Waffle House has their own garbage company. That’s a new one.” The friend I was with laughed so hard, I thought she would wet herself. As we drew closer, the truck was clearly marked “CAUTION” in nice big, bright letters. Boy did I feel nutty….

I guess at any age your eyes can play tricks on you, brain tumor or not….