Someone make me sleepy, please!!!

Here I sit, wide unable to turn my head off again. Barry is sound asleep in his recliner, Miss Maggie is wiped out on the sofa,  while I sit here envious of the two of them. I guess I’m just so worn out from the holiday. Go figure….

Guess what? If I do not get this rest thing figured out soon, I’m gonna be out of luck. The Christmas rush, of running around, starts Saturday. We’ll be off and running again. By the time Christmas actually gets here, I won’t be able to function. My number one resolution for the New Year is going to be:

1.Get appropriate sleep!

2. Listen to my body.

I’ll finish that list when I am not exhausted. One good thing that happened today, we got the exercise equipment set up and I was able to start my routine again. That will perk me up and help with sleeping, hopefully. Everyone get a good nights sleep and have a great day tomorrow. I intend too. Exhausted or not, every day is a precious gift not to be squandered.

One thought on “Someone make me sleepy, please!!!

  1. Life indeed is a precious gift and after being clinically dead 3 times I do not take one minute of it for granted. I have good days and bad days as I am sure you do too but all days are a special gift.

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