Our bodies are screaming at us!

When you have been through the wringer, as Barry and I have, you have to  listen to your body. After the past week; running around getting ready for company, the clean-up, the company, doctor’s appointments and all of our other weekly obligations; Barry and I are both ready to crawl under the bed. He is dozing in his chair at this very moment and I will not be far behind him.

I skipped the Women’s Bible Study Group tonight because I wasn’t sure I could stay in an upright position for the entire program. I’m sure God will understand. Mom took the peach cobbler we made. It  smelled heavenly! I hate to miss anything at church, but I just couldn’t do it. My hair even hurts. I had to patch my left eye for awhile today because my eyes are even fighting with me. I don’t walk well when I am tired.The next question my body is screaming is “Why are you blogging when you should be resting?”……..Well…..Good Night everyone! Sleep well!

3 thoughts on “Our bodies are screaming at us!

  1. Dear Ones,
    I have just tuned in to your blog – Thank you for your courageous chronicle! I am presently in the role of caregiver-therapist for a couple (72 and 74) and she had a massive stroke in December 2011, so I feel very much for the two of you….
    with Love and Peace,

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