Mom and the Matchmaker……

?How do we make this long story short? I’m afraid it will still be a mini-novel. We’ll do our best to keep it interesting. Here goes:

First of all, my mom and dad are divorced and have been for a very long time. They managed to live in the same town and be civil to each other in public for years. Together, they just did not work. Trust me!

Six-years ago, mom’s health was making it hard for her to take care of her home alone. My sister, that lived close-by, was doing double shifts between mom and dad. She and her husband were wearing out quick. Dad purchased the house next to my baby sister, which made life a little easier.

My other sister and I did what we could, but most everything fell on our baby sister. She decided not to run away from Winder, when she was old enough. I, for one, was glad she was close by. But it wasn’t fair, they needed help. By they, I mean mom, dad and my sister and we needed to contribute. After all, that is my mommie and daddy.

Barry and I were in the process of designing our home with an architect and with mom not being able to manage on her own, it was decided that we would design room enough for her. In 2006, my mother moved into our new home with my new husband and I. 

The home was designed as a business  (a Personal Care Home) off the back. June 2006, we moved in and opened the business in October 2006. Within 1 month, we had our first resident. 

Mom did not adjust well to being away from Winder or feeling like her independence was disappearing. She just was not happy.

I thought I would help and try to get her out to meet people. This was not tolerated well at all. She wouldn’t even go out to church. At 66 years old, she didn’t feel like she fit in with the local Woman’s Club. She felt like she needed to take care of everyone. 

One day, while leaving Kroger, I saw a sign saying something about local singles with a phone number. I called and left a message. Mom received a call the next day and scheduled an appointment with the lady for the next day. 

When she arrived home, I was mortified to find out that I was the cause of my mother joining a match-making service. I could not believe she actually fell for the hooey that salesperson was slinging. 

Little did I know that mom was so miserable not being on her own, she was willing to look for another husband. She proceeded to fill out the paperwork and started receiving email from the matchmaker. She went out with a few lemons before she found her peach, Mr. D.

Mr. D. Was the cutest little thing and treated mom like a queen. It wasn’t long until we received the news of their impending marriage. They wanted to get married on the cruise ship, while in Mexico, but when they discovered that could not happen….off to the courthouse they went. We received a call the night before their departure to let us know they would be cruising as Mr. and Mrs. D. This was 2008.

The funny thing to end this story with, is that in the email from the matchmaker, it said that Mr. D. was at that time, 79 years old. Mom later found out that he was actually 8 years older.

He is still the cutest little thing on earth, but mom has moved back in with us. She is a big help to have around. Barry feels better knowing I am not home alone.