Backseat Betty from the driver’s seat…..

As told to me by a passenger in the car:

1. Ms. B. took herself and her passenger; through the gore, over the curb, up an incline on a local highway, and over another curb, to complete her u-turn and avoid calling home to admit she was lost. What gets me is she can’t understand why her car leaks oil.

2. When she realized she was missing her turn, she quickly crossed three lanes of traffic to make her turn. She only ran 2 cars off the road. But there was a rather large truck in the first lane of traffic that she cut in front of, causing him to lock his brakes down.

3. While attempting to make a u-turn on a 6-lane road with a concrete median, she turned too quick and ended up with a flat tire and stuck on the median, in rush hour traffic and no cell phone. 

4. While turning into a gas station with her 90-year-old husband, she turned too close again and landed on another curb with another flat.

What gets me, is she can’t understand why her car leaks oil. She has at least given up driving after dark, but that took a lot of convincing. She actually decided it was a good idea after the last incident. These days, she rides with someone, unless it is somewhere local. 

I Love You, dearly, Mom! She’ll shoot me when she finds out I posted this.

2 thoughts on “Backseat Betty from the driver’s seat…..

  1. This post made me smile. It sounds like your mother is really active for someone who is 90. You’re very fortunate–though it is also challenging. I have an elderly father and have a sense of some of the issues you’re facing.

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