Black Clouds…..

Have you ever felt like a black cloud is following you around? I think I picked up a small one from this crazy storm that is currently whipping the east coast. We have been lucky to get only cloudy, cold and windy weather.

Back to my latest friend, black cloud. Over the weekend, a health issue got so bad I ended up at the doctor Monday morning, which is leading to more meds and more tests.

While at an an appointment this morning, the doctor did not like my vital signs  (pulse was 39) and insisted hubby-poo contact our cardiologist. They proceeded to tell him to get me to an ER now. Off we go……..Eight hours later and another medication increase, I got my sweet hubby out of a frightening place for him and home safely. He was so strong for me this past week, I try my best to return the favor.

The hospital took so long this afternoon I could tell he was wearing out and getting nervous. My job was to get him out of his first stop after the stroke ASAP!

I have such a wonderful husband, since the stroke we have had our ups and downs, but we always come out smiling. He is struggling with learning to accept the “new him”. He gets a little stronger every week. I’m so proud of his progress.