Knee Business! Happy Dance!!!!! woooohooo……

I love seeing a doctor and leaving with a smile on my face. With my fall, I  did not cause any permanent damage, because there isn’t any cartilage there to tear.

She has an idea to try before talking about major surgery, so we’ll give that a shot and talk new knee when we have to. I’m game. I’ll rather get an injection under the patella, than go under the knife.

Again, the good Lord has watched over me and showed me flipping out about this is not always the answer. My Faith gets stronger daily. It is really hard not to stress over your health, when you have so many things to stress over. Barry and I are learning to let God take the lead on health issues. The better we get at it, we are honestly feeling less stress over things.

It has gotten to the point that I actually leave my cane or walker in the car, because I don’t want to feel like a little old woman or have anyone laughing at me. Pure silliness. I’m learning to leave my pride in the car, not my walker.

I just got a new walker. Barry says he’ll pimp it out for me if I want him to. A few things might be cute, but I wouldn’t want him to go overboard. The kids will love it! 

I got permission to get my exercise program going again. I’m hoping to start in the morning. I’ve missed the gym.


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