Round Four Finale

MM900295156Biopsy results are NEGATIVE! NO cancer. They still want me to have an MRI, because they do not have a solution for the problem. But no cancer!!!!!!!Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Saw endocrinologist today about thyroid scan. It was clear, but there is a lymph node she wants to follow. Which means she wants to schedule a thyroid scan! I hate the thought of another thyroid scan. You have to put your system into hypothyroidism before the test.

Last time, they were out of the injection to do this for you and I had to quit taking my medication for 3 weeks before my body converted to hypothyroidism. I was so weak, I could not walk. I was having to use my wheelchair to get around everywhere.

But I’ll do what I need to do to make sure I stay cancer-free. I may not be happy, but I’ll do it. I’m hoping Thyrogen is available and taken care of in 2 days.

Get results of the MRI on my left knee, next Tuesday. I have the feeling surgery is around the corner. But again, I’ll do what I have to do to stay healthy.

I can’t wait to get back to my full exercise routine. I miss it! Gonna light a fire under Barry’s fanny to get him moving with me. We may even get Maggie in on it!

Well, I’m putting this tablet down for the time being. We have to run an errand. Round 5 starts next week, with God leading the way. I hate to think where I’d be without the good Lord guiding us through this mess. Still taking things one day at a time. Thanks for your comments and support.

Round Four: Thyroid Scan Results/ Biopsy results

At 11:30am, we will be headed to the next appointment for the week. I’ll get my official thyroid scan results today. It’s in God‘s Hands as usual, but I am feeling rather positive today. The Neurosurgeon‘s visit has really lifted my spirits. Hopefully, Dr. M. will deliver similar news. I also received a message from the breast center, telling me she had good news about my biopsy. I left a message for her, so hopefully I will hear from her soon.

Have a good afternoon everyone. It was 60° yesterday and in the 30’s today with possible snow on Saturday. You have got to love the south. Daffodil’s are blooming already. Spring is coming. I can’t wait!


Daily Prompt: First Light

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.


Mom has been having difficulties sleeping and having crazy dreams. She told me about a new one a few days ago, the minute I awoke, I was worried about mom and her crazy dreams. That is what I wrote down yesterday. Check with mom about her dreams and how she slept.

I just went to check on her. She was awake, doing exercises. She said she slept fine, but continues to have the crazy dreams. She swears when she woke up, that the ceiling and her bed was covered with crazy-spider looking creatures. She says she wasn’t scared, she tried touching them to see if they are real and they are not. I requested that she bring the doctors phone number to me to get her scheduled for an evaluation.

This has to be some form of medication reaction. She is healthy as a horse, otherwise. The only changes are medication-related. She claims she has tried to make appointments with the neurologist, but has been unable to get through. I’ll do the calling today, see what happens. It hurts to see mom going through some of these things. I say if it is fixable, let’s be able proactive and fix it! 

Round Three Complete-headed home

Ouch! There is no other way to describe what just happened. OUCH!!!!! Not a pleasant procedure to go through at all.I hope they found what they were looking for, because they will not be talking me into this one again, ever! Headed for a nap before church. I may nap on the porch, it is a beautiful day! Great weather! Have a great day, everyone!


Round Three on Appointments

MP900446597In August of 2012, I fell backwards down the garage steps. I busted my head and elbow. No stitches in the head, but I had a concussion. My left elbow took the brunt of my fall. I got five stitches. My elbow still hurts a good seven months later.


A couple of months ago, I slipped on the rug in the restroom and twisted my left knee. It took a while for the problem to show up, but I am having an MRI of my left knee-joint in the morning. The doctor is thinking I may have screwed up the cartilage in there and need to have it repaired. Hopefully, they will find the problem tomorrow.


Mom is dreaming again….Diggin’ Taters..

This is a strange one, because mom used to tell us this story when we asked for a good scare. She was a live participant in the story this time. 

Mom grew up on a farm. She, her brothers and sisters, did a lot of the gardening to provide food for the family. To put it in mom’s words, she is not a stranger to ‘diggin taters’. 

Mom is the oldest of eleven children. So when she had the younger children, she was in charge. In her dream, mom and three of the older kids are in the potato patch digging potatoes for dinner.

To set the stage properly, it was a windy day. It felt like a storm was blowing up. The wind was whistling through the trees,  sounding like someone trying to talk to you. The air was thick and heavy, reminding everyone summer storms can be dangerous  and you do not want to get caught out in the field in one. Mom was trying to rush everyone, so they could get back to the house without getting caught in the weather. 

My Aunt Jo said to mom, ‘did you hear that?’ Mom told her she didn’t hear anything and keep working. Then, my other Aunt Bib asked mom the same question. She yelled at the two of them to quit playing games and get back to work.

My Uncle Owen decided to keep what he had heard to himself, because he didn’t want my mother yelling at him. Truth be told, it sounded like the wind was talking to them and he knew mom had heard exactly what the other three had.

There appeared to be a voice in the wind saying;

Who has my big toe? I want my big toe!’

The four kids kept working, wanting to make grandma happy with the amount of potatoes they brought back. The wind continued to whistle and all four kids were starting to hear the voice.

Who has my big toe? I want my big toe!’

By this time, they had enough potatoes for a couple of days, so they gathered their tools and tater sack and headed back to the house. No one said a word to anyone about the strange voice.

That night in bed, Aunt Jo and Uncle Owen woke mom up to tell her they were hearing the voice in the house. The difference was, it was followed by footsteps. She quickly told them it was their imagination and to get back to bed.

She tried to get back to sleep, but discovered sleep eluded her.

She heard someone say, ‘Who has my big toe?’

All she could do was think about what she had just heard.  She also heard every noise, bump and bang the house made in the night.  

The next day, mom and the other kids were outside playing when they heard Grandma Frank scream. They went running into the kitchen to see what the problem was.

Grandma Frank had dumped the bag of taters in the sink to clean them up and prepare them for storage. She was standing near the sink shaking from head to toe and pointing at the sink. She was mumbling incoherently. Mom went to the sink and peered inside. Laying there, among the potatoes they had dug up yesterday, was a big toe!

Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

With this prompt, it would be my luck for the first coin I come across be from the year I graduated from high school (1983). I searched the couch cushions due to the temperature outdoors. The car would have been more appropriate since I spent most of 1983 in a car, after graduation. I met my ex-husband in 1983, right after graduation. When he wasn’t at my house, I was in my car on the way to see him. It was kinda a close, long-distance romance.

I got sick my junior year in high school, so when graduation time was getting close, I had to go to summer school to have enough credits to walk with my class. To make sure I had enough credit, I took a night class at the local junior college, to pad my credits a bit. I’d been through too much with this class not to graduate with them. I worked my fanny off to get the credit, but I made it.

I spent the rest of the year finalizing my plans for nursing school, learning what it means to ‘shoot dove’, learned how important and fun it can be to try to be quiet while deer hunting, I learned how to catch and clean a crappie, and I learned how to drive a tractor to pick up a big roll of hay, to feed cows. Yes, I was turning into a country girl.

I learned many more fascinating things, these were just the first to come to my mind. 1983 was a year of many firsts.

There have been times I look back and say that if I could go back, I’d tell my ex ‘no’ when he asked me out. When I think a little harder about the subject, I’m the woman I am today, because of my ex-husband and it all started in 1983.

Big Day Finale…..

Everything went off without a hitch. I guess wearing clean underwear to the doctor actually works. The biopsy didn’t hurt a bit and the Neurosurgeon released me till 2018. I’ll be 52 years old. He said the tumor was not growing and my brain was not showing age, to keep up the good work.

I’m just tickled with the day. although I do have to wait 3-5 days for the results.

I even had the pleasure of running into my ex’s sister-in-law. She was there for her yearly visit. It’s nice to see that dome things never change.

I’m headed home for a nap. Didn’t sleep a lot last night catch you all later.

Big Day

10:30am: Biopsy

1:00pm: Yearly Neurosurgeon visit, hopefully to turn into every 3 years, if he likes my MRI.

Please keep Barry and I in your thoughts and prayers today. Big day for both of us. He will be alone quite a bit tomorrow in the hospital I almost lost him in over a year ago. I’m not sure which I am more anxious over, the biopsy or having to leave him alone. Thanks for your support!



Dancing, Gray New Balance Sport Shoes

My mom is married to a very sweet man named James. The situation the two were living in, made my sisters and our families uncomfortable. My abilities around the house and my level of functioning was making everyone a bit nervous, especially Barry. Mom needed a home, we needed help. Ta-da……Barry and I got a new roommate. James did not wish to come with her. He wished to stay near his family.

My mother is as sweet as she can be when she wants to be; then at the drop of a hat, she is a totally different woman. She is extremely protective of her girls and will do anything to protect us.

At this moment, she realizes, I am stressing about tomorrow. I am not sure if she is joking with me about this dream, or she really had it. True or not, I have to share. I cannot believe she even thought this up, I’m hoping she actually dreamed it.

Mom discussed her dream with me, when I went to give her a thirty-minute warning to leave for church. She first told me she wasn’t going because she ate too much salt the day before, then she starts giggling. When I asked what was so funny, she asked me to sit down and tell me about her night.

As she was sleeping, she swears she opened her eyes and was awake through all of this. She says she opened her eyes and could see herself as if looking in a mirror. She stuck her tongue out at herself, the image did the same. She moved her left hand and touched palm to palm with the image. She says she closed her eyes, when she opened them, the image was gone.

Next she started to hear country music playing. She looked up at the ceiling to see her gray, New Balance sport shoes dancing on across the ceiling. Mom loves shoes, and has a ton of them. She said the next thing she knew, her closet door flew open and her shoes, all of them, proceeded to dance up the wall to join her  sport shoes doing their thing on the ceiling. She laid down on the bed to watch the show.

She states the next thing she knew, her alarm clock went off. When she went to get out of bed, her shoes were all over her bedroom floor. At that moment, she heard a man laughing in her bedroom door, she looked up to see her father in her doorway.

His comment to her was she never could keep her room clean. He closed the door. She chased after him, at the moment her foot hit the floor, she was wide awake. She opened her door and he, of course was gone…….

Gotta love her………..