My Brain Tumor is ruling my body today!


To start the day off, I woke up a grumpy mess. Barry and my left arm told me why I was so tired this morning, when I got alert enough to listen.

Apparently, I spent the night hitting the wall, bed, myself and Barry, all night. My arm hurts so bad this morning. I also managed to bloody my nose last night and I have bruises on my forehead.

My left hand isn’t bruised yet, but it sounds and feels like it shoud be. Barry told me the dog wouldn’t get in the bed with us last night, so I was scaring my poor puppy during the night.

The morning did not get any better, my balance is terrible and my right hand is even shaking. My head feels like it will blow off at any second and the pain is radiating from the base of my skull, where the tumor is.

My eyes are somewhat focused, but a took a lot of exercising to get them there. It was mid-morning before I could focus. I took a nap, that hasn’t helped. Drugs and more sleep are next.Also a call to the neurologists office.

I probably will go crawl back in bed and hope this is gone tomorrow. I cannot stand when that dyuiiufdfv tumor takes over, I scare my husband. Since the stroke, he’s more sensitive and I hate he has to deal with me like this.

I should have known something was coming on. I spent yesterday stuck in giggle mode. Why couldn’t I get a day or two more of that. Everything was funny yesterday. I need to make sure I tell the neurologist’s office when they call.