Double Whammy…you have to love doctors!!!

While at a checkup with the Allergist today, I received a phone call from the genetics counselor assigned to me. She had received the results of my genetics test. I apparently do have the rare genetic disorder all the doctors have been avoiding discussing with me. So I am one in 250,000 people in the United States blessed with this genetic nightmare.

Even though one sweet doctor had taken it upon himself to tell me that I could be considered diagnosed with the disease because of my medical history; I felt like a rock had been dropped in my lap. Reality smacked me in the face and now I had to discuss this with my family and get them to be tested. I hate being like this.

I would never wish this on my worst enemy, I certainly do not need to worry about my sisters, nieces and nephews having to deal with this. What about their children? This is just so much to deal with. I was coping fine, until I knew for sure. Now…I need to pray on this…



Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

You’re given a plot of land and have the financial resources to do what you please. What’s the plan?

We’ve done the big house thing, so to start…We’d have a modest handicapped accessible home-built, near the back of the property. Single level of course, but with all the technology available to make life easy around the house for a disabled person. One room would be set aside for a gym. I need a place to work out, instead of my dining room. There has to be huge porches with swings across the front and back of the house. One end of each porch would be screened in. I love to sit and enjoy the outdoor sounds.

Second, we’d have a small guest house built behind our house for my mom. She can design and pick out what she wants. She needs to include a guest room for company.

Next would come the raised garden, close to the house with benches everywhere. It would have a rose-covered arbor at the entrance with every plant possible to attract butterflies and birds by the dozen.

A covered patio with a table or other area to relax and get out of the rain. Somewhere close by, there would be a small garden shed to store all my tools and other essentials. I’d have to have some form of water feature in the garden. It would be great to have a fountain in the center of the garden. The birds and butterflies would love that!

To one side of the house would be Barry‘s garage sanctuary. He can work on cars, build things and do whatever he wants in his man cave. That would be his place to design and setup.

I can’t forget about our treasured pets. We’d have to have an area of the yard fenced in and a state of the art doggie-door for Miss Maggie to go in and out on her own. The door needs to lock the minute Mags is back in the house.

Then there is Shotgun, our Japanese Fighting Fish. He will need a larger tank somewhere near the kitchen. We can decorate it like the bottom of the ocean, but I need to be able to handle it to clean and change the water. Shotgun loves hiding in the roots of my plant in the aquarium.

The plot of earth would be full of big shade trees and a long drive way. I’d need to ride by bicycle to the mailbox. Along with the garden, the house would be surrounded by flowers and shrubs. Something would be blooming year round.