Daily Prompt: Right to Health

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

In my opinion, the government has no place in the healthcare business, but I will admit that something needs   done.

Since 2009, Barry and I have frequented many hospitals and doctor’s offices. The trips for surgery in 2009 and 2011, were easy to deal with. Our insurance took care of almost everything and we had no trouble at all from the start.

When Barry’s stroke occurred in late o be 2012, it was as if we were in a different world. The bills were not filed correctly, nursing service was terrible, it was harder than normal to get an appointment at a doctor’s office; or if you needed an ex-ray or other test, the wait was even longer. It is getting to be crazy.

I have a rare genetic disorder that makes my body more than likely to form tumors through the body, benign or cancerous. It can show up overnight or make me feel bad for a few weeks.

Barry and I both need many check-ups and I have to stay on top of any issue that pops up.

I am truly not sure the private sector could do any better than the government. What I do know, is someone needs to figure things out, so that the healthcare system functions better and someone remembers that the patients are the important part in this picture, not the money or numbers.