Daily Prompt: Right to Health

Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?

In my opinion, the government has no place in the healthcare business, but I will admit that something needs   done.

Since 2009, Barry and I have frequented many hospitals and doctor’s offices. The trips for surgery in 2009 and 2011, were easy to deal with. Our insurance took care of almost everything and we had no trouble at all from the start.

When Barry’s stroke occurred in late o be 2012, it was as if we were in a different world. The bills were not filed correctly, nursing service was terrible, it was harder than normal to get an appointment at a doctor’s office; or if you needed an ex-ray or other test, the wait was even longer. It is getting to be crazy.

I have a rare genetic disorder that makes my body more than likely to form tumors through the body, benign or cancerous. It can show up overnight or make me feel bad for a few weeks.

Barry and I both need many check-ups and I have to stay on top of any issue that pops up.

I am truly not sure the private sector could do any better than the government. What I do know, is someone needs to figure things out, so that the healthcare system functions better and someone remembers that the patients are the important part in this picture, not the money or numbers.

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Right to Health

  1. Well here in the UK we have a national health service and free treatment. It is excellent though struggling under the weight of rules, lack of cash, box-ticking and bad administration. Personally I cannot fault the care I have received but concern is growing at the way the elderly and very sick are being treated in hospitals – we have just ended a long enquiry into one hospital where patients were deprived of water and they resorted to drinking out of flower vases – mind you, flower vases are not allowed on most wards these days – perhaps that is why?????

  2. Since the private sector refuses to fix the problems, the government must step in. Neither one is capable of handling an issue this large, however if they would work together(I know right? Imagine that) it might become a usable system that doesn’t bankrupt most of the people that try to use it. Insurance Companies, Dr.s, Hospitals and the Government in a combined effort for real honest reforms would do the trick. Everyone needs to be on the same page though. Not on the me-me-me page, and everyone else can go punt.

    • I have a benign brain tumor that cannot be removed and we pay our bills. If the government has a take in healthcare, I won’t be offered any treatments that I am offered now. If I am offered something, it will be so expensive I would not be able to do it. Just because I got dealt a hereditary nightmare, I’m not ready to be put out to pasture and I refuse to give up.

      The system is already changing, with just then thought of the government taking over. What will happen to the truly sick, functional people that will be left out in the cold? I do not believe anyone knows the right answer, but someone needs to figure it out!

      I refuse to be discounted because I have a rare genetic disease!

      • Right now the Insurance Companies ensure the truly sick are left out in the cold. I have fought enough of them on behalf of my parents and grandparents over the years to know. I fully support the Government taking the entire industry behind the woodshed and paddling its butt. Since we as individuals cannot fight them(unless you have a lot more money than we have access to), it falls to the Government to speak on our behalf as a collective. It is not my first choice, but since the Private sector says ‘Let them die”, someone much bigger than you or I needs to stand up for us.

      • What I’ve read, it is the government saying let them die.

        Everyone has the right to their opinion, I do not currently see anyone knowing the correct thing to , but there has been a change in services since just the mention of Obamacare.

        I’ve been in the industry a long time, as a nurse and a patient. There has been a great change in everything since the 80’s.

        Just be glad you aren’t sick!

  3. Unfortunately I think people now care more about the money than the patients. If the money is what you’re after, I really believe you shouldn’t have gotten into the medical profession

    • I totally agree, it drives me nuts when a doctor tells me about how good he is as and should feel lucky he’s there to treat me.
      I’m a nurse. I can tell you, in Georgia, nurses’ do not do it for the money. I’m bringing in almost the same thing now (disabled) as when I was working full-time. It was really sad with the training I had to go through……Jill

  4. The federal government is a huge problem in this country and needs to get it’s nose out of every possible nook or cranny it has filled including health care and education. Too many Americans claim many things to be ‘right’s these days. Most of which were never a part of the U.S. Constitution. There is no ‘right’ to health care coverage. Our federal government has usurped so much authority unto itself that it has become a beast government – seeking whom it can control and devour from cradle to grave.

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