My eyes playing tricks on me…..just an example….please forgive me Pastor

When leaving church services a few days ago, my eyes were acting strange all day. Barry and I walked out the front door toward the parking lot. Our weather, has been a huge range from sunny to rainy to windy to stormy. Well, this night, it was burrrrrrr cold and windy.

I looked off to the right of the parking lot because something caught my eye. I turned and asked Barry if there a fire toward the Pastor’s house?

He started laughing and informed me that what I was seeing was the wind blowing the stop sign, with the parking lot lights reflected on the stop sign. My eyes just made it seem further away than it was. I was looking in the direction of the Pastor’s house.

The reason there may be a fire toward the Pastor’s house is an entirely different story, I don’t feel it is proper to share without permission. I’ll just tell you, it is a good one! He has video to prove it.

Yearly MRI √

With Cowden’s Syndrome, you have to follow a set schedule to keep up with which screening is next. Then, of course, if there is a problem, the screening and recheck can run together. 

Today, I went for my yearly MRI, about the brain tumor on Monday at 1pm. This is where screenings can run together.

I had a breast issue last year that caused them to redo my mammogram, which has led to other mammograms, ultrasounds and now, 6 months later, a biopsy. Scheduled Monday, one hour before my neurosurgeon appointment. At least they are within walking distance of each other.

The sad thing is, my next yearly mammogram is due in April. But I guess my mammograms are about to put a kink in my set schedule. In my schedule thus far, gynecologist, endocrinologist, neurosurgeon, neurologist, neuro-oncologist, gastroenterologist, dentist, urologist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, counselor, genetics counselor, general practitioner, breast specialist, otolaryngologist, cardiologist, massage therapist, and acupuncturist. 

Now, that I have boogered my knee up, I have to add an orthopedic doctor in there. I am sure surgery is in the future for that, which will add physical therapy into the mix.If surgery is in the mix for the next few months, I need to see about getting the lump taken out of my right wrist while they are at it.

The fancy MRI on my left knee next Thursday, then see the doctor Friday. The endocrinologist is in the mix next week somewhere. I’m getting tired thinking about next week. 

Barry is my riding buddy. I’d be lost without him. I can’t drive long distances, so he gets me to the long distance rides. I’m tired of being organized. I never considered myself organized, but with all of this, you have to be. All of the above is just me, included in my mix are Barry’s appointments, as well as several I take mom to. I’m not making light of their appointments, mine takes up more calendar space than their’s does. We should hire a good personal assistant……