Daily Prompt: Whoa!


What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

As a young nurse, I admitted my very first patient around three o’clock in the morning. I became a nurse, long before Assisted Living Homes and Hospices, were on every corner.

The gentlemen I admitted was in the hospital to be made comfy in his last few hours. His family was with him.It was real sad to see him so sick, but he was headed to a better, pain-free place.

He wasn’t with me long, within the hour after admission, I suggested to his family that they spend time together and say their good-byes. Within the hour, he had passed away. 

While in the room, taking care of my last details.The gentlemen’s brother walked to the bed, placed his hand on his leg and stated,

“I’d give anything to see him take one more breath.” 

The patient had not moved a muscle in over ten minutes, the minute his brother made his statement, the patient sat straight up in the bed, his eyes open, took a deep breath and smiled. He fell backwards, onto his pillow and never moved again.

Being my first admission, I will never forget this man and his family. I truly believe I saw an act of God that night.

Daily Prompt: All About Me! (US)

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Our Blog’s T.le: Two Rights Attempting to Make a Left

Barry and I came up with the title together. It is based on our health issues over the last few years. In 2009, I was discovered to have a brain tumor (gangliocytoma) in my left cerebellum. After a long period, we were told that the brain tumor was just a symptom of a rare genetic disease called Cowden’s Syndrome.

Needless to say we were dumbfounded. I had surgery in 2009 to reduce the tumor, but it was impossible to remove it in its entirety. So, life goes on.

Things were going along great, no magor problems, then December 11, 2012 came around. It started as a normal day, we were assisting the resident’s with morning care. I heard a resident calling for help.

To my shock, it was not for him. It was my sweet husband. He was in the process of having a stroke. I called for an ambulance and off to the hospital we went. Although Barry had a massive right territory MCA, he looked perfectly fine. It was hard to believe a week earlier, they had asked me to call all the family in because they did not believe he would make it through the night.

Months later,  a rehab counselor recommended, that we either start a journal or a blog. With the two of us being computer oriented, we chose to do a blog. Oddly enough, the title is related to both of our injuries. We were attempting to get something in the stove. Neither of us could do it with both hands, so he got one end with his right hand and I got the other. It came to us about the same time, that we were two right hands trying to use our lefts.


So we named the blog:

Two rights attempting to make a left!

Nothing fancy, just the two us working together to keep a sense of normalcy.