Dancing, Gray New Balance Sport Shoes

My mom is married to a very sweet man named James. The situation the two were living in, made my sisters and our families uncomfortable. My abilities around the house and my level of functioning was making everyone a bit nervous, especially Barry. Mom needed a home, we needed help. Ta-da……Barry and I got a new roommate. James did not wish to come with her. He wished to stay near his family.

My mother is as sweet as she can be when she wants to be; then at the drop of a hat, she is a totally different woman. She is extremely protective of her girls and will do anything to protect us.

At this moment, she realizes, I am stressing about tomorrow. I am not sure if she is joking with me about this dream, or she really had it. True or not, I have to share. I cannot believe she even thought this up, I’m hoping she actually dreamed it.

Mom discussed her dream with me, when I went to give her a thirty-minute warning to leave for church. She first told me she wasn’t going because she ate too much salt the day before, then she starts giggling. When I asked what was so funny, she asked me to sit down and tell me about her night.

As she was sleeping, she swears she opened her eyes and was awake through all of this. She says she opened her eyes and could see herself as if looking in a mirror. She stuck her tongue out at herself, the image did the same. She moved her left hand and touched palm to palm with the image. She says she closed her eyes, when she opened them, the image was gone.

Next she started to hear country music playing. She looked up at the ceiling to see her gray, New Balance sport shoes dancing on across the ceiling. Mom loves shoes, and has a ton of them. She said the next thing she knew, her closet door flew open and her shoes, all of them, proceeded to dance up the wall to join her  sport shoes doing their thing on the ceiling. She laid down on the bed to watch the show.

She states the next thing she knew, her alarm clock went off. When she went to get out of bed, her shoes were all over her bedroom floor. At that moment, she heard a man laughing in her bedroom door, she looked up to see her father in her doorway.

His comment to her was she never could keep her room clean. He closed the door. She chased after him, at the moment her foot hit the floor, she was wide awake. She opened her door and he, of course was gone…….

Gotta love her………..


Two Rights Attempting To Make A Left!

Give, it to God, Jill.  Don’t let all of these crazy things worry you. Take one day at a time and one appointment at a time. That is all you can do, do not over think what is going on next week and let God work in your life. He is the one with the plan for your life. Let him work it. Be strong for yourself, Barry and you family. It is inside of you. Be strong. No matter what the outcome, be strong. She your strength in your actions. Barry needs to know you are OK and tough. Be strong for him. Be encouraging for Barry. He needs to see your strength.

Please forgive my nervous outbreak. A lot going on next week that I am not sure I’m prepared to deal with. But I’m in God’s hands and he’ll take care of me. I’m more worried about…

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Word of the Week

Sua sponte

In lawsua sponte (Latin: “of his, her, its or their own accord.”) describes an act of authority taken without formal prompting from another party. The term is usually applied to actions by a judge taken without a prior motionor request from the parties. The form nostra sponte (of our own accord) is sometimes used by the court itself, when the action is taken by a multi-member court, such as an appellate court, rather than by a single judge (third parties describing such actions would still refer to them as ‘sua sponte’). While usually applied to actions of a court, the term may reasonably be applied to actions by government agencies and individuals acting in official capacity.

One situation in which a party might encourage a judge to move sua sponte occurs when that party is preserving aspecial appearance (usually to challenge jurisdiction), and therefore cannot make motions on its own behalf without making a general appearance. Common reasons for an action taken sua sponte are when the judge determines that the court does not have subject-matter jurisdiction or that the case should be moved to another judge because of a conflict of interest, even if all parties disagree.

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