Daily Prompt: Writing Room

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My writing room would have three main ¬†components, that I refuse to do without. Apparently in my old age, I’m becoming a creature of comfort.

Number one: according to the time of year, it has to be air-conditioned or heated. My old age doesn’t tolerate heat or cold like it used to. I’d love to sit outside during the spring, but my health doesn’t allow it, so I stay in my gorgeous house and keep myself busy.

Number two: I need the softest, pillow type chair on the face of this earth. I want to sit down and be cushioned in comfort. My body hurts head-to-toe all day, every day. I deserve a comfy chair to write in.

Number Three: I need a window behind me while in the chair. With enough sunlight to brighten the room up and help me see the paper, but not so bright that it is glaring on the paper or computer screen. It the sun coming in doesn’t need to heat the room up in the humid times of the year, here in the south.

I’m an oddball over a few things I need for my room.Since brain surgery, I can focus better with something noisy in the back ground, so I guess this would be a fourth part for my room: a stereo or television set. My seven-year old nephew or my mother would do to, since neither one knows how to be quiet. Barry would do too, cuz he picks the moment I start writing to talk. So I have tons of choices there!

I need a blanket for my legs and my neck supporter to keep my neck happy while I write.

The only chair currently in my home to qualify, has an ottoman. I enjoy propping my legs up. They hurt so bad at times, it just feels good to prop them up.

Now, all I need is something to drink and a bathroom closeby and I’ll be set. A small room like a half bath, with a window and all my stuff in the room, would be perfect.

I do need room for my dog to sit with me as I write. She doesn’t like to leave my side when I’m home alone. That keeps me safely in the house, so not to worry Barry. I’m actually sitting in my perfect reading/writing room now. I have everything I need right here.

I guess the purpose of this prompt is to visualize a space you would like to have. If not at home, I’d like a quiet corner in a butterfly garden. Some form of cushy chair (we could just bring my chair out of the living room), a light breeze and birds singing in the background.

I’d need a platform built to make a stable area for me to walk on. I’d like a cute little fence with a gate.I can lock the world out and keep the dog in. I’d need some form of communication device out there in case I fall. I don’t like it, but it does happen.

If it’s hot out, I’ll just write inside.


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Super Bowl Sunday

I’m not a huge pro-football follower, I’d rather see college games.

The biggest game of the year is on. The team that beat our home team is getting beat, I’ll admit I’m enjoying it.

Third quarter has just started and the dome loses power, no lights! I love it. All those people down there sitting in the dark. They paid a lot of money for tickets and are going to miss about 20 minutes of a game that will definitely go down in history as “The Dark Bowl”

Do they get a twenty minute refund? I’d be asking.

I guess the halftime show was too hot or could they have forgotten to pay the bill? Wouldn’t that be funny.