Super Bowl Sunday

I’m not a huge pro-football follower, I’d rather see college games.

The biggest game of the year is on. The team that beat our home team is getting beat, I’ll admit I’m enjoying it.

Third quarter has just started and the dome loses power, no lights! I love it. All those people down there sitting in the dark. They paid a lot of money for tickets and are going to miss about 20 minutes of a game that will definitely go down in history as “The Dark Bowl”

Do they get a twenty minute refund? I’d be asking.

I guess the halftime show was too hot or could they have forgotten to pay the bill? Wouldn’t that be funny.


4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sunday

  1. Worst halftime show of any. I am not a prude but sing in Victoria Secret just pure sex with no reference to American heritage or tradition. The Jeep commercial honoring our troops was much more appropriate. Hope Miami Dolphins there next year.

  2. Dark Bowl!! Good one! We are watching too. I don’t care much who wins though but my wife’s team is winning. 🙂

    • Atlanta always gives games away. They should have beat the 49’s. It tickles me, that that team whipped Atlanta and now they are getting whipped. Atlanta will be in the Superbowl before I leave this world, maybe.

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