My eyes playing tricks on me…..just an example….please forgive me Pastor

When leaving church services a few days ago, my eyes were acting strange all day. Barry and I walked out the front door toward the parking lot. Our weather, has been a huge range from sunny to rainy to windy to stormy. Well, this night, it was burrrrrrr cold and windy.

I looked off to the right of the parking lot because something caught my eye. I turned and asked Barry if there a fire toward the Pastor’s house?

He started laughing and informed me that what I was seeing was the wind blowing the stop sign, with the parking lot lights reflected on the stop sign. My eyes just made it seem further away than it was. I was looking in the direction of the Pastor’s house.

The reason there may be a fire toward the Pastor’s house is an entirely different story, I don’t feel it is proper to share without permission. I’ll just tell you, it is a good one! He has video to prove it.