I hate falling!

Hand on Cane

I’ve done it again. This time I tangled with the throw rug in the master bathroom, but me thinks I’ve done my left knee in, again.

Just over a year ago, I tore the meniscus cartilage in my knee. This time, I couldn’t put weight on the knee and it was swollen down into my foot. The doctor said nothing broken, she wanted to check because of the swelling. She gave me a topical ointment for pain, which is some good stuff; sent me home to grease it up and stay off it! She also did a cortisone shot…worked….ehh???

She said when I return; if it is no better, she’ll get a joint MRI (where they inject die in the knee) to see what the damage is. If needed, we’ll talk surgery then. 

I truly prefer not to hear those words, but I have to be able to walk. I asked the doctor; if they have to operate, can I get a 2 for 1 deal? I’ve dealt with my solid tumor in my right wrist, the doctor has said it will need to come out. I figure, while I’m asleep, let them fix both. Save me one episode of general anesthesia. We’ll see. I’m ready to NOT be in pain!

17 thoughts on “I hate falling!

  1. I feel your pain, as I have fallen a few times over the years myself. Might I suggest acupuncture treatment for the pain and swelling.

  2. I am sorry to hear about this, and hope you won’t need surgery, a dirty word isn’t it? Heal quickly my friend!

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