Daily Prompt: First Light

Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.


Mom has been having difficulties sleeping and having crazy dreams. She told me about a new one a few days ago, the minute I awoke, I was worried about mom and her crazy dreams. That is what I wrote down yesterday. Check with mom about her dreams and how she slept.

I just went to check on her. She was awake, doing exercises. She said she slept fine, but continues to have the crazy dreams. She swears when she woke up, that the ceiling and her bed was covered with crazy-spider looking creatures. She says she wasn’t scared, she tried touching them to see if they are real and they are not. I requested that she bring the doctors phone number to me to get her scheduled for an evaluation.

This has to be some form of medication reaction. She is healthy as a horse, otherwise. The only changes are medication-related. She claims she has tried to make appointments with the neurologist, but has been unable to get through. I’ll do the calling today, see what happens. It hurts to see mom going through some of these things. I say if it is fixable, let’s be able proactive and fix it! 

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  1. I had some crazy dream when I was on Percocet and my mother did at one time so I hope you have it figured out.

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