More Knee News

After seeing the doctor, she wants to try some crazy injections under my patella, to relieve pain and possibly regenerate some cartilage in the knee. The strange/funny thing about these injections is they are chicken cartilage.

My classmates in school were a bit cruel calling me,”chicken legs”. I grew to take the teasing and learned to ignore them. The ironic thing in this story is, after all that teasing, I’m actually going to have chicken parts in my knees.

To be totally honest, in school, I was so scrawny and my legs were so thin; especially around the ankles, I truly looked like I had chicken legs. I’ll admit it.

I sent our Pastor an email tonight to explain our absence. I told him about the doctors suggestions. His response is below. I love our church. The Pastor and everyone there are just great. They have made Barry, Mom and I feel welcome since the day we walked in the front door. Just a wonderful place.

Email from Pastor:

Sure will…chicken legs! Haha!

Committed for Him,
Pastor L.

Victory Baptist Church

Time for Myself

For the first time in ages, I have time for myself.

I’ve loaded the dishwasher, washed two loads of clothes, fed the fish, fed the dog, made lunch, supper is in the crock pot, and I actually made my bed.

All I have left to do is exercise. I don’t start that till 2pm. I was going to hit the gym, but it is crazy windy and bitter cold outdoors. Maggie is refusing to go outside. I do not walk well in the wind and sitting at the fireplace sounds like a better option to me.

Maybe I’ll get Epic Mickey out.  That will kill some time.  Video games usually make me sleepy.  I should probably get more laundry going, too. It’s been raining so much, we’ve been afraid to over load the septic tank. I am behind with the laundry. 

Daily Prompt: All grown Up


When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

I knew I was a grown-up the day I ordered my first pair of eye glasses, without my parents health insurance. I had my insurance when it paid about 30% of what my dad’s had paid.  I was in sticker shock.

Also, I got a little angry with my mother. The day I ordered those glasses, is the day I found out they had made thin eyeglass lenses for years. My mother had made me suffer through heavy eyeglasses my entire life, when we had insurance that would have paid for a lighter lenses. 

I was the object of incessant ridicule all through school, called ”four-eyes”, and many other ugly names because of my thick eyeglasses. But I guess I can say, that all the jokes toughened me up and I handle tough situations better because of the ‘ragging’ I tolerated as a child.

Mom would always tell me, it’s just words. She was right, words are just words. They can hurt in a big way! I survived. From what I hear, kids are as mean today, if not meaner, than ever in school.