Time for Myself

For the first time in ages, I have time for myself.

I’ve loaded the dishwasher, washed two loads of clothes, fed the fish, fed the dog, made lunch, supper is in the crock pot, and I actually made my bed.

All I have left to do is exercise. I don’t start that till 2pm. I was going to hit the gym, but it is crazy windy and bitter cold outdoors. Maggie is refusing to go outside. I do not walk well in the wind and sitting at the fireplace sounds like a better option to me.

Maybe I’ll get Epic Mickey out.  That will kill some time.  Video games usually make me sleepy.  I should probably get more laundry going, too. It’s been raining so much, we’ve been afraid to over load the septic tank. I am behind with the laundry. 

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