Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Early bird, or night owl: Definitely Early Bird depending on you definition of early. Below you will find pictures of a few early bird-feeder raiders. 

Before brain surgery, I was definitely a night owl. After the surgery, I threw my alarm clock away. I had an internal clock that would have up and raring to go by 7am everyday.

My body is physically out of the bed, but once up I have a two-hour exercise routine to wake my voice and body up to be able to work properly. If I do not exercise, my body and eyes are crazy all day. I enjoy proper function, do I endure the daily grind.

After 2-3pm, my body heads in the other direction and it is nap-time. My voice starts slowing down and I have to do my eye exercises hourly to keep them focused. My legs hold up a bit longer, but it is usually best if I am to the point of my day that I can start winding down around 8pm.

I love to get out and drive on my own. Shopping used to be my stress release, even window shopping. It feels great to be able to make it out on my own at times. I drive better than I walk.

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