Update: Jill

Jill is doing well. Surgery started late and took longer than anticipated. Now we wait 7-10 days for pathology report. We finally got her home. I got her settled in her chair, all doped up and sleeping. Now  I.m gonna figure dinner out and sit myself down soon! Thank you all for your prayers and support. Jill truly enjoys blogging and enjoys all of you!

Thank you,

Barry Baynes


10 thoughts on “Update: Jill

    • Debbie,
      This is Jill. This hurts like barbed wire has been poked through me in uncomfy places. She took numerous lymph nodes and the tumor. Vicodin not touching it. I get in a comfy position and don’t move. My hubby is being a doll. I could get used to this treatment. Won’t have lab results for 7-10 days…..Talk to you soon…….Jill

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