13 thoughts on “Day 4: Post Lumpectomy

  1. I’m so sorry that it’s a crummy day, Jill. I had hoped your recovery would go without a hitch! xo

  2. Healing takes the goodness of God, and organic natural whole foods, to heal up are vital. Plan on getting to know your local organic farmers, make friends, and share. Keep your cell phone off your body, well away from your person, to block radiation energy transmissions. See Dr, Barrie Trower on youtube and other articles for safe measures you can do to be the best you. Stay indoors on high Chemtrail pollution days, and HAARP TTA’S days. Prayer works miracles, so never stop praying, stay in God’s light for sure cures.

      • Whole foods need to be organic, not just natural, buy or grow your foods without GMO’s if you want health, which I believe you do. The organic market is getting trickier and trickier with GMO’s in apples and pears especially. Magnesium Stearate and Stearic Acid are powerful GMO’s in most things, also labeled as Palmitate. You are not alone, you can feel better, God is a loving and kind God and our only fortress in this life and after life. God bless you.

      • God bless you. The body’s natural defense against disease has a far better chance of survival and thriving when we put the God given fruits and veggies into our beings. Believe me, I thought I knew about it, and just truly have in the last 8 months or so. I had no idea that all the healthy things I was eating, were eating me away instead of nurturing me.

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