The Company I enjoy with my morning coffee

English: Birds around a bird feeder made from ...

English: Birds around a bird feeder made from a Coke bottle in Johannesburg, South Africa. From left to right, a male Southern Masked Weaver, a male Cape Sparrow, a female Cape Sparrows, and two male Cape Sparrows. It is midwinter, so the birds are in on-breeding plumage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

squirrel eating from bird feeder

squirrel eating from bird feeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Painted Bunting at a bird feeder.

Painted Bunting at a bird feeder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning, WordPress!!

I have my coffee brewing and going make some breakfast, then sit on the back deck for breakfast. The birds are singing up a storm and raiding the bird feeders. We’ll have to refill them before the end of the day! The cardinals, chickadees and brown-headed are really flying all over the yard. Chipmunks and squirrels scurrying everywhere. A group of deer just crossed from our property and are standing in front of the school behind us. That is a beautiful sight, a doe and her babies! Three geese just flew overhead; making a ton noise for three little birds.

With the rain we have had lately, the grass is greening up nicely. The Chinese Fringe Flower Shrubs are filling out nice, but need a little trim. The Beauty Berry Bush is shaping up nicely. The berries should be coming out soon. The Corkscrew Willow Trees are gorgeous.  The blackberry bushes are taking over the backyard. I’ll wait for the berries to go and take my yard back! The lantana gets larger daily. The lilies are covered with blossoms. I hop they open together. I’d love to get some photos. The neighbors privet weeds are killing my allergies every time I step outside. The honeysuckle is getting stronger, I love the their smell.

It is getting warm out here, time for the next part of my morning routine. Get ready to run errands and take my dad to the coumadin clinic this afternoon. Have a great day, everyone!

Daily Prompt: Goals

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

Starting a blog was not our idea. Barry and I started sessions with a neuropsychological counselor, Dr. J. Since Barry and I had both recently suffered from serious Neurological health issues, we were butting heads regularly and could not decide how to solve our issues.  At the time, she felt we needed a place to write our emotions and situations down. She felt Barry and I would adjust better, to our new lives, if we put got everything out in the open and talked out the issues we wrote about.  

Goal number one would be for us not to hold our emotions in. When a problem or issue occurs, document it. Write down everything, every detail possible. She did not specifically mean a blog, but a journal. I chose a blog, rather than the other, to really get feedback from others on what Barry and I were facing. 

I believe our goal with a journal / blog met and will continue to be met. Barry was uneasy to start. He has never been one to share his emotions. He is learning that we are two new people and that we have to learn to like the new “Barry and Jill”. We are both learning to look at the big picture, called life. For a while, we forgot we needed to care for each other, not just meet our own needs.  We are also figuring out the way to co-exist and falling in love with each other all over again.  

Goal number two was to spend at least an hour per day alone, together. We spent a few weeks having lunch out, daily. Applebees our favorite lunch spot for months.  The staff knew us on site and what our regular order was. As Barry’s health improved, we increased our time and headed to the gym and when able, we added a walking routine to our daily regimen. We continue our exercise routine today. We are slowly working on gardening projects around the house. Our yard has paid the price for our illnesses and we would like to slowly get it up to par.

Barry struggled with retirement. He attempted to go back to work, but was never able to make it past part-time. By mid-day, he was unable to control the stress. He finally bit the bullet and retired at the end of April. In close to 30 days, he almost has his “Honey-do” List completed. Retirement has energized him. I love it!  

The neuropsychological counselor we were seeing had to close her practice due to an illness. Barry and I continue to follow her advice and our relationship grows stronger daily. I am currently facing another serious illness. Barry is being a doll and extremely supportive everyday! 

Thank you, Dr. J! You are with Barry and I daily. God bless you!!!!!