The Company I enjoy with my morning coffee

English: Birds around a bird feeder made from ...

English: Birds around a bird feeder made from a Coke bottle in Johannesburg, South Africa. From left to right, a male Southern Masked Weaver, a male Cape Sparrow, a female Cape Sparrows, and two male Cape Sparrows. It is midwinter, so the birds are in on-breeding plumage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

squirrel eating from bird feeder

squirrel eating from bird feeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Painted Bunting at a bird feeder.

Painted Bunting at a bird feeder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning, WordPress!!

I have my coffee brewing and going make some breakfast, then sit on the back deck for breakfast. The birds are singing up a storm and raiding the bird feeders. We’ll have to refill them before the end of the day! The cardinals, chickadees and brown-headed are really flying all over the yard. Chipmunks and squirrels scurrying everywhere. A group of deer just crossed from our property and are standing in front of the school behind us. That is a beautiful sight, a doe and her babies! Three geese just flew overhead; making a ton noise for three little birds.

With the rain we have had lately, the grass is greening up nicely. The Chinese Fringe Flower Shrubs are filling out nice, but need a little trim. The Beauty Berry Bush is shaping up nicely. The berries should be coming out soon. The Corkscrew Willow Trees are gorgeous.  The blackberry bushes are taking over the backyard. I’ll wait for the berries to go and take my yard back! The lantana gets larger daily. The lilies are covered with blossoms. I hop they open together. I’d love to get some photos. The neighbors privet weeds are killing my allergies every time I step outside. The honeysuckle is getting stronger, I love the their smell.

It is getting warm out here, time for the next part of my morning routine. Get ready to run errands and take my dad to the coumadin clinic this afternoon. Have a great day, everyone!

Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

We love antiques, flowers, pictures and signs. Each wall is different. We have tried to give each room its own personality, but coordinate wall color and house style; where our budget will allow. We want our home to feel lived in. Every room in the house is well used and comfortable.

Putting a name to what we tried to create, would be comical comfort. Our signs make you giggle, the atmosphere and furniture make it comfortable.

Our pooch,Maggie, agrees with the comfortable part. She sleeps wherever she sits down.wait…..she is a dog, they are good at that.

Of course there is my step-father James, he falls asleep the minute he sits down when getting to our house.

Check the pictures out tomorrow. Had plans to take new pictures today, but my body wouldn’t cooperate this afternoon. Run a few errands, I have to sleep. I’ll update post in the morning. Show off my miss-matched wall decor. We may not be for a Southern Living Magazine write-up, but we like it!

Maggie and the Alarm Clock

This morning, Barry and I were awakened by our beloved boxer, Maggie May.

At night, Barry and I are guilty of falling asleep in our favorite chairs at night. We have done it so often that are now set a travel alarm clock, to keep Barry from being late to work.

This morning, Barry and I were all snuggled-up in bed, when that clock went off in the living room. When it didn’t stop ringing, Maggie brought the clock to Barry and dropped it on his head. We have tried to get her to fetch, I guess she has decided she’ll fetch what she wants. 

She clearly wasn’t ready to get up! 


Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

Gazing through the window, I stand as still as possible, not wanting to scare the chickadees and nuthatches as they battle over the fresh bird seed.

A mockingbird sits patiently on the air conditioner as if he were hailing a cab. There is a huge gray squirrel perched on the rail by the steps. Past the steps, the ‘Corkscrew Willow‘ tree, crowded with a multitude of different birds all waiting to get to the feeders.

The little guys continue to devour the fresh bird seed. It is like an open sign has been hung on the door of a new market.

Oops…here come the turtle doves, being their usual intrusive selves. They run the little guys off, break in line and make the rest of the crowd angry. A few of the purple finches try to join the Doves at the feeder, only to be run off by the biggest Dove. Turtle Doves are messy birds. They knock seeds all over the porch and ground, enabling a few of the braver birds to fly in to sneak a little bite.