Maggie and the Alarm Clock

This morning, Barry and I were awakened by our beloved boxer, Maggie May.

At night, Barry and I are guilty of falling asleep in our favorite chairs at night. We have done it so often that are now set a travel alarm clock, to keep Barry from being late to work.

This morning, Barry and I were all snuggled-up in bed, when that clock went off in the living room. When it didn’t stop ringing, Maggie brought the clock to Barry and dropped it on his head. We have tried to get her to fetch, I guess she has decided she’ll fetch what she wants. 

She clearly wasn’t ready to get up! 


4 thoughts on “Maggie and the Alarm Clock

  1. Too cute!!! How are you guys doing? I have meant to call you back a dozen times then I get distracted. I am so sorry!!! Pop is doing fair…he is in a nursing home now. He is still cranky & opinionated.

    • We were talking last night about how much we miss everyone. We are great, as you see Maggie is fine. Mom is good. Barry retires on the 28th. Let us know where he is, maybe we can get by to see him. Will they let Maggie in?

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