Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

We love antiques, flowers, pictures and signs. Each wall is different. We have tried to give each room its own personality, but coordinate wall color and house style; where our budget will allow. We want our home to feel lived in. Every room in the house is well used and comfortable.

Putting a name to what we tried to create, would be comical comfort. Our signs make you giggle, the atmosphere and furniture make it comfortable.

Our pooch,Maggie, agrees with the comfortable part. She sleeps wherever she sits down.wait…..she is a dog, they are good at that.

Of course there is my step-father James, he falls asleep the minute he sits down when getting to our house.

Check the pictures out tomorrow. Had plans to take new pictures today, but my body wouldn’t cooperate this afternoon. Run a few errands, I have to sleep. I’ll update post in the morning. Show off my miss-matched wall decor. We may not be for a Southern Living Magazine write-up, but we like it!

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Wall to Wall

  1. That’s a neat prompt. My husband puts together 2 things you mentioned. He loves antique signs. Like Coca-Cola signs. Stuff like that. You should see our garage walls! Wait, there is a way to see it and my doll collection to boot. http://cowbird.com/story/47026/Obsessed/?q=Luanne If you’re comments takes the link it’s to a Cowbird story where I posted pix of his sign collection and my dolls.
    By the way, you are a blogging machine! I can barely keep up!

    • Love it! We are just getting started, but we are sticking to funny saying and sappy stuff. We started buying them when we first got married. I’ll have to take some pictures of a doll I have. I know it is old and from the now Czech Republic. Other than that, I can’t find anything on it. It is the only old doll I own, other than Drowsy, a black one and a white one, and a doll still in the box I cannot remember the name. I have a ton of Barbie Dolls still in boxes at my dad’s house.I haven’t a clue why I wanted them in the divorce. Just something else to store. I just knew I did not want my ex to have them…..Jillxo

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