Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

I’d choose Gooseyanne’s blog. Goosey has a delightful but quirky sense of humor that keeps you coming back. Her writing switches from deeply political, to fine art, to witty satire, and tales of her life with her husband, George.

Not only will she have you giggling one minute, you’ll be crying with her next post. She is a talented painter as well. She spins wonderful tales of her travels. While exchanging email with her, I discovered she is an incredible person. Goosey is offline for a bit, but will be back soon.

If she and I switched blogs, I hope I could do her justice, I have no doubt she would have fun with mine!

There is one other blogger I would switch with. I have great respect for both of these ladies as writers. I’m afraid I do not know enough about writing to keep up with the other blogger. Not saying one blogger is better than the other, they are just two totally different blogs.

Round Two Prep: Clearing the Margins

As my second trip under the knife, for breast cancer approaches, my mind is clear and worry free. I think of the tasks I need to complete before leaving in the morning, a sweet lady from church is taking mom to her appointment in the morning, Maggie will be taken care of when we leave, and my bag is packed. All Barry and I need to do is get up and leave.

Although my mind is clear, I’m not looking forward to even light anesthesia.¬† I’m not fully out of the last round and here I go again. Maybe it will flush out easily. I’m learning to enjoy water again. Maybe that is my lesson of the month, drink more water.

I need to be up by 4am, if I can ever get to sleep. I’m tired, but my head doesn’t want to stop. I’ll lay down in a few minutes. Barry is taking me tomorrow and he’ll be alone. Hopefully he will not be a nervous wreck. I worry anout him being alone. He is tolerating stress better than he used to.