My sweet Brother-in-law, Libor and my nephew, Jonathan


I made a request to these guys this morning. They were closeby working and we needed help with a few things. I asked if they could stop by for a few minutes and lend Aunt Jill a hand, while Uncle Barry wasn’t feeling well.

I had 2 trees to plant and we needed a hole dug for the new mailbox. The Mailman is getting serious with his suggestions that we need a new one. Hint taken, we are working on it!

Libor and Jonathan blew through here mowed the grass, did the weed eating, trimmed a huge shrub, cut down a tree that was growing into the house, used the blower, and dug the holes I needed.  Jonny even put the trees in the holes for me. When it cools off a little, I need to go put water on them.

I thank the Lord daily for my family. Ask for a little help and get the works! The sweetest guys on earth!