My Adorable Husband


I have to share a something my sweetheart of a husband did this week, with a tiny goof-up!

Barry has been Mr. Romance this week. The ring pictured above was a little surprise I received earlier this week. We stopped in the jewelry store to dop off a ring for repair.

While in the store, one of the saleswomen brought this beautiful ring to me and requested I try it on. She had my white gold band with her and handed it to me also. I thought Barry must haven left his band for cleaning, I was a little confused.

Once the ring was on my finger, Barry said Happy ‘Belated’ Anniversay. He proceeded to say ‘ We have had a rough few months and we were not able to do our anniversary up right last month.’ He kissed my cheek and said ‘I love you, honey. Happy Anniversary!’ It was so sweet.

The funny part or ‘BIG BOOBOO’ came a few minutes later when Barry pulled my wedding band out of his pocket for me to put on.

One of the medications I have been on cause my hands to swell. I haven’t been able to wear my band for a few months.

The funny part is that Barry had given, the jewelry store, his wedding band to be cleaned and enlarged. He had my band thinking it was his. So I am now wearing his band with my new engagement ring.

          Just a little side note: My original band was       stolen. We are not positive when, but are sure we have a good idea what happened to it. Barry went with the Saphire because I had always wanted something different.

When he took the bands in, earlier that morning, he had his band on his ring finger and mine on his pinky. He took the ring off his ring finger and left it to be worked on, leaving my band on his pinky. The engraving on my new wedding band (Barry’s band) was gone with the size change.

For Christmas this year, I’ll sneak our rings away to Santa’s workshop for a fresh engraving. He’ll like that!          

              Mr. Barry Baynes, the love of my life!

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