Daily Prompt: You’ve got the Power: The SPANX Law

You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be? This is a daily prompt available on the wordpress website. Kinda like an assignment in school. It is total fiction.
Photograhers, artists, and poets: Show us Rules.



spanx_powerpanty1 (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)


Sit in a parking lot at any busy store and watch as people walk in and out. There will be a few scarey sights while you sit. This is what leads me to this law. If people are not willing to cover themselves when out in public, either teach them what to wear when out or make it a legal requirement to wear appropriate under garments when they wear certain fashions in public.


When choosing to wear certain fashions of today or you decide to leave home in an outfit that wouldn’t fit you kid sister, SPANX should be a legal requirement under your clothing.


Whatever happened to having a little mystery in your life? I am sorry people, but it is not ok to wear a shirt and pair of pants, shorts, capris, or even overalls out of the house, if they do not meet where they should.


Muffin tops, belly rolls, back fat, and thunder thighs all have a place in our society. HIDDEN! I’m not a little girl and I leave home only when dressed appropriately.


Even you men out there that think it is OK to shine you muffin tops, back fat or belly rolls. SPANX has item’s for men, too!




Jill and Barry Baynes