Tomorrow Repeat

Today’s doctors visit was the biggest joke I have ever experienced. The doctor I have been seeing for months and telling me my knee is a mess, takes a sharp left turn and totally changed her tune. Everything we discussed last visit went right out the window. Maybe it was not the same lady. I do not know, but I will be getting a second opinion.

My new tomorrow starts with hand surgery at 3:30pm. They are removing a cyst from the top of my right wrist. It is groeing inside a tendon on the wrist. Can be extremely painful when swollen. I have a great dislike for the casts and braces they like to put on my wrist when it swells. I get to wear a lovely cast gor the rest of the summer. Such fun!

We will be in the road a lot the next few weeks. So forgive my posts for being sparse. I’ll write when I can.