Letting Things Go

Our natural instinct, when confronted with an uncomfortable situation, is to fight to defend yourself or someone else’s honor.

One of the hardest things on earth to do is admit when you are wrong. There are times when our judgement is impaired by medical, personal, financial or other issues beyond our control.

There are times in life when our mouths speak before it connects with our brains. Unnecessary hurtful things can come out at times like these. God wants us to be kind to one another, do good things for each other, he doesn’t want people arguing over childish, petty behavior.

Our televisions and radios are packed full of garbage. This gives our kids open reign over what is right and wrong. Unless, we as parents, have teach our children the difference, how are they supposed to know the difference?

As an adult, I’m doing my best to adopt a new policy. I do have  medical issues, that can make me sound upset when I am not. I cannot control it. Barry and I work weekly on helping each other manage our learn to manage our new policy.

When I come across a difficult situation, I let it go! If I somone doesn’t understand what I am saying, I take a step back and say “Hold on a sec, I think that was taken the wrong way, let me repeat that”.

I have too many stressors in my life to let childish behavior get to me, I let it go and get on with my life. Having a medical condition does not give you an excuse to do ugly things and disrespect other people, just “LET IT GO!” Do what is right for you. Take care of yourself and let the little stuff go. You will feel a lot better.