Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

The past few years, I have been in the situation of having to make some important decisions concerning my health. Some at the spur of the moment; others with time to research and gather facts to aid in making the best choice. 

I have been in the position of going with my gut to make my decisions and gathering facts to reason through everything to come to a decision. Unfortunately, my decisions have involved my health; which only makes the decisions tougher.

I recently was put into a post ion to make some health decisions for my mother. I’d like to say I reasoned through the choices, but I didn’t. Mom truly needed to be in the hospital and I did what I had to do. It was the toughest thing I have ever done in my life. Mom is better, but she is facing serious life changes. 

To date, my choices have turned out well. God willing, that will continue to be my trend. As the decisions continue to get tougher; hopefully, the good Lord will continue to guide me in the right direction. 

Unfortunately, as my health changes; my decisions will get tougher. I’m hoping I can keep my head screwed on right and make good decisions. I don’t want to put too much on Barry. He has his own health issues to worry about.

In conclusion, when faced with decisions, you make the choice by whichever way fits the moment.

Daily Prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn

For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

My favorite time of year, is when the air outside is cool and crisp. It is warm enough during the day, to enjoy the outdoors; but the nights are crisp enough to keep you snuggled under the covers, with that someone special making the moment worthwhile.

I love watching the flowers and the yard slowly wake to the spring sunshine. The leaves and buds slowly emerging from God’s green earth; as the birds start to buzz around like a swarm of bees. Each with a different song to sing.

I love getting the yard ready for whatever the season brings. Filling the bird feeders, putting out fresh mulch to protect the new flowers as they burst into our world with abundance of color.

Picking up the million little sticks and other things the wind has dropped into our yard. Bringing the porch furniture out, cleaning and touching up then paint as needed. Cleaning the wind chimes and hanging them in their proper places. Along with the bird singing, I love the mix the wind chimes joining in. It makes being outdoors so enjoyable.

Washing the porches down and organizing the potted plants and other decor to make our porches pretty enough for pictures and ready for serious relaxing. Then we have the grill porch. Need to get the grill cleaned and ready for the season. We love to entertain.

While I do all the above, Barry is handling lawn mower repair and weed eating. I’ll hire my sweet nephews to weed one of my flower beds.

We’ll need to get the fountain going. I’d like to find a small bench and plant another butterfly bush in that bed. The shrubs need a little pruning and I am hoping we can put a cement walk on the front this year. Barry will need to add hand rails to the steps if we get the walkway done.

If you cannot tell by my page of rambling, Spring is at the top of my list for seasons. Other than the allergy end of things, I adore the Springtime weather.

Dear Lord, I appreciate your gift of Spring. You did a great job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mom and Barry’s turn


Mom had a checkup after her discharge to the hospital. Doctor said she was looking good and we’d just follow her for now. I’m to email Jody with any issues. I do love being able to email a doctor. Better response time, without the headaches of being on call.

Barry, on the other hand, has maintained an elevated creatinine level since his heart surgery. No one can explain it. Kidney function is great. Dr. R. Wanted to get a look at his kidneys, so she ordered a CTA of kidneys. We should have results soon.

I truly enjoyed the peace and quiet of the waiting room. I read a little and played a few games. I went in and joked with the staff. They wanted to see the kitten, so I pulled the pictures out.  We headed to the pharmacy and home. It was so nice for the focus not to be me for once.

Tomorrow is back to reality with an early morning mammogram and a visit with breast specialist after. At least I got a tiny break. For a few short hours, I wasn’t the patient. Felt good!!!!!!


Our latest addition

My mom is bottle feeding an abandoned kitten we found in my dad’s backyard. It is the cutest little thing. Mom, Barry and I are having a blast. We babysit when she isn’t home. Our dog has adopted the kitten and is cleaning up after it. She tries to drag it around by the tail. it is so sweet. They cuddle and play. Just adorable! Mom is like she has a baby. Toooooooo cute!

Word of the Weekend: Epigram

This word was chosen in honor of National Poetry Month



Sandy's Azaleas

Sandy’s Azaleas

Spring is here…..finally!

It has taken long enough, but we are going to have two beautiful weekend days.

I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow at lunch, but when we get home….time for yard work.

The lawnmower is ready to go, the weed eater has fresh string, and I have weeds to pull. There are also a few pine trees popping up in strange places. Time to get rid of those.

I need to mulch a few places. I may even be able to get my nephew to help.

My lilies are popping their pretty heads out getting ready to bloom. The irises are right behind them.

My gerber daisy has come out again, getting ready to bloom.

I need to trim the lantana so that it can come out with fresh branches. Last year, it grew past the top of the porch. Beautiful!

I need to clean up the bird feeders. The knock out roses are gorgeous. Already have new leaves out.

So much to do. I know we need the remain, but I also need time to cut the grass before my house disappears into it. Getting a wee-bit tall out there.

I also need to fertilize my Corkscrew Willow Trees and gardenias. The shrubs are incredible. Huge and constantly flowering. Hard to tell when to prune them.

As you can tell, we have a lot to do. Have a great weekend everyone!

Cowden Syndrome rearing it’s ugly head

Barry is the most patient human being on earth. Either, God is giving him strength or he is hiding his fear really well. We are currently waiting to see a doctor for results of an abdominal/pelvic MRI.

During my renal ultrasound, they discovered something on my liver. The doctor’s answer was it is just an incidental finding, we’ll get an MRI to check it out. He thought he was easing my anxiety.Nope….just made it worse….why don’t they get that?

If they were honest enough to just say it could be this or this…..why not do more test to rule it out…..would have made me feel better……but since when is the patient supposed to feel good after seeing a doctor?

Other than that, even though the breast biopsy was negative. They are still investigating the cause of the problem. Another MRI this weekend and appointments all next week to get results and such.

My body is acting crazy and I can’t get a return call from a doctor to save my life. I am also experiencing a new symptom of cowden syndrome, that no one wants to help me with. These doctors wonder why people get depressed. I have a rare genetic disorder that actually scares the doctors treating me.

Barry is being a supportive dream. I am a fussy mess, he just tells me to relax and go sit down. I love that man.

I’m doing the paperwork to join the study at the Cleveland Clinic. Not sure it will do me a bit of good, but maybe it will help someone else dealing with this mess.

I need to go for now, have a few contacts to make. I think I have diverticulitis again. I have to call my doctor. I need to do paperwork for myself and mom. Have a great day everyone.

Barry and I didn’t know how to act yesterday. We saw a movie and had lunch out without dealing with a doctor’s office.


My adorable husband, the eternal prankster


MM900178208My sweet, adorable, totally innocent-looking husband is getting a reputation, since mom moved in. He cannot seem to help himself when it comes to her.

This afternoon, mom was frantically looking for her misplaced makeup when Barry gets the bright idea to hand her a few Sharpies. He asked what color she wanted. She took them all.

Of course she was not wearing her glasses. I walked into the bathroom just in time to stop her. She was about to line her lips with a red Sharpie.

What a sight she would have been at church. I believe if she could have gotten a hand on Barry, he might have been in a wee-bit of trouble.



Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

I shed tears of joy today, at Barry‘s Retirement Party. My adorable husband retired today after working over 32 years for the great state of Georgia. Even though Barry wasn’t ready to retire, he has accepted the fact that it is time for him to relax a little. Now I just need to figure out how to keep him busy.

I admit, I thought it might turn into a kicking and screaming deal, but he held it together. I cried as I watched the slide show they had put together of his years with them. It was so sweet. Someone at his place of employment knows how to hijack pictures from Facebook and WordPress.

I was incredibly proud to hear and see the praises his office and coworkers had for him. They had quite a shindig put together for him. I was impressed. On top of his current coworkers, several people from his decades at work that showed up to wish him well. Through the party, I never heard a negative word about my sweet hubby. 

He was Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected until we headed home. That is when the tears of joy made the rounds in our car. First Barry, when I saw he was crying, I lost it. When Mom realized what was going on we all just cried our way home.

Maggie gets worried if she thinks you are upset, when we got home, she tried to comfort us all. Nothing like being licked to death my a drooling boxer.