It was nice to leave a doctor’s appointment feeling good for a change……

For the past two+ years, I have endured injections into my vocal cords to control twitching from palatal myclonus (spelling).
You don’t really think about thing like singing and talking, until you can’t do them anymore. I grew up singing in the choir at church and the chorus at school. I loved to sing. I loved being in the car alone, radio blasting, singing my head off. It was even more frustrating not being able to speak properly.

BUT GUESS WHAT? MY VOICE IS IMPROVING AND I AM SINGING IN CHURCH AGAIN, WHICH MEANS…….NO MORE BOTOX! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……..I still need it in the strap muscles beside my esophagus, but no more painful injections to mt vocal cords. That word I have learned to hate, TIME, is finally paying off. What is that saying about patience?