My Mother and my husband……..what do I do with them?

While I am off getting good news from the doctor, my mom was home thinking she was having a stroke and had to call an ambulance for herself. She doesn’t like to trouble me, so I didn’t find out till she had been there three hours and we were in downtown Atlanta 2 hours away. One of my sister’s is off camping and the other was still at work. Thank goodness it wasn’t a stroke, but they kept her overnight for observation.

I’m not sure if guilt is keeping me up or the fact that I get upset with my hubby’s tendency to cling to his recliner to sleep. It is his comfort zone. I can’t sleep in the bed if he isn’t in there with me. Mom took care of her problem the way she felt she had too. With het memory issues, I should be tickled she remembered what to do. I am having trouble getting past the fact I wasn’t there. God got her where she needed to be, I’m not sure how He will help me handle that situation.