My mom lost her cornbread

Just when life is feeling good around the house, my mother hit me with this last night. She had actually made a loaf of cornbread and misplaced it. It was actually on the counter right in front of her. She actually went to the trouble to make a second loaf. She now has enough cornbread to feed the neighborhood. I can’t help out, I can no longer swallow cornbread without choking. Barry is watching his waist-line. He is thinner than he’s been in years and is watching what he eats. Cornbread will not be kind to your waist-line. His answer to mom’s dilemma is “I hope she’s hungry”. No help at all.

Since his stroke, Barry went from a serious all business kinda guy to one that you can never tell what will come out of his mouth. He can be hilarious and then there are times when I just have to look at him and say “huh?” He’s so cute. Between the three of us, life can be interesting around here.

What do you tell your mother when she asks “what is wrong with me? I can’t keep up with anything.” All of my answers involve a physician and the possibility of more medication, both of which she hates. So………………………..What do you do?

2 thoughts on “My mom lost her cornbread

  1. Decided to put in the freezer and get a head start on Thanksgiving dressing. There truly is no one in town I could get to take it. I hate to admit it, but I stay away from town unless I have to go. I do not enjoy Atlanta.

  2. Not a lot of those out here in the sticks, girl. I guess I haven’t told you, I’m a country girl. I may be near Atlanta, but I am in a small town in Georgia. I get up early to watch the deer come out every

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