For years, I have wanted to see my mother happy. I never thought I’d be around to see it. My mom’s health is declining and she is slipping slowly into the early stages of dementia and has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She currently resides with Barry and myself. It was truly hard to begin with, but slowly the disease is changing her. She actually relaxes a little and I’ve seen her smile. She is enjoying organizng her new home and cat. She really enjoys her cat.

Mom is accepting that she can no longer drive and appears relieved. She is not as scattered as she has been. She has actually apologized for a few things from my past. It was hard growing up with mom, but now as an adult, I finally understand why. Getting mom to stop arguing and take ownership of her illnesses has been a huge step.

When is doing well with her medication regimen. She spends her days, cleaning, gardening, playing with her cat and our dog, she is a great help for me with the laundry. My toughest issue. She says the cat tells her hello every morning. I’ve yet to hear that one. She just wants to stay busy. She is getting so busy, she even dances with the commercials about “hip-hop abs” says she wants them at 72.

The dementia had mom doing some odd things and you never know what she will say. I’m gonna end it here. I’m pooped and hurting. Gonna get some medicine and get some rest.


5 thoughts on “Lost

  1. It’s good to talk about what’s going on with your mom. This was a really insightful post. Maybe the pain meds are allowing you to “go there” ;). I’m not going to touch that about the cat greeing her each day with a hello since I talk for my cats. I have my own voice and then my cat voice and we carry on conversations. xo Keep up the good recovery, Jill.

    • Thank you, kindly…..I’m insightful all the time, but sometimes afraid to let it out. I feel so bad about joking about her hallucinations. When I found out they were real, I was mortified. She always told me about them as if she we joking. I believed her. But when she read my blog, she asked to be taken to see a doctor. So although I was mortified I had written about them, it made her realize she needed help. Maybe it was a good thing. Who knows! I went for a ride the other day….gonna get a hair cut this afternoon. I’ll be worn out by the time we get home. Have a great evening! Jillxo

      • I hope it went well and you held up good today! It’s still daytime out here in the west haha.

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