Daily Prompt: The Little Things

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that define you worlds but is often overlooked:

We glide down the drive

and come to a stop

quickly, we gather our belongings

Jumping out of the car,

we head for the door

once inside, we begin our evening ritual

laundry and dinner the only thing our minds

our nightly routine begins

as dinner simmers,

we gaze through the front window

when reality strikes

our yard is looking neglected and alone

the lilies look dry with their tender leaves disheveled

knockout roses are begging for attention

hostas and lantana are peeking their tender leaves out

reaching toward the sun

our yard is being ignored, as we live our hectic life

yard work not easy to fit into a schedule

It is time to get busy weeding, fertilizing and mulching

The grass will call our name every weekend

hoping for a good cut

our home is lovely, but time has come

summertime is around the corner

and our flowers need room to grow……..