Coco, our lastest housemember

Coco is an adorable little Tabby cat, we got for mom at Mother’s Day. Something for her to take care of and keep her company. It was working great, so far.  Thst is ifnpoor Coco csn durvive mom’s memory.

She is constsntly locking her in closets and other rooms. She is becoming a pro at finding open doors, so mom spends a large majority of her day looking for that sweet little kitty. Mom spends the rest of the day trying to kerp our boxer from chasing her kitty around the house. Maggie thinks Coco is playing or Coco thinks Maggie is playing, but they make quite a ruckus.

I think they will eventually get along. It is just taking time.  Mom thinks Coco talks to her. She says “Hello” and “I love you”. Bsrry andnI are yet to eitness these feats, but who knows. Barry lives csts, so he is enjoying her being around.

Jill and Barry Baynes