Like my new “hair-style”?


It started falling out yesterday,  so we went ahead and cut it all off. I cried like a baby and have beekkn crying at the drop of a hat, ever since. It is like it opened a dam. Maybe losing my hair was my last stage of grief.

26 thoughts on “Like my new “hair-style”?

  1. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and started my chemo, like you I cried, but unlike your strength I hid behind wigs and scarves. My husband would tease me and say I was taking losing my hair harder than losing by breast when my hair will grow back! That said, you show us all what a beautiful woman truly is. Blessings – Patty

  2. You look fabulous with your new hairstyle! Only beautiful people can pull that style off.:-) You’re in my prayers! Cheer up!^_^

  3. When your hair returns these days will be at an end. Very best wishes. I hope you have managed to close the dam, and feel much better for the release.

  4. You are beautiful inside and out! In fact, you are the beloved daughter of the King of kings and thus are His beautiful princess! He takes such delight in you! Don’t believe anyone who tells you different!

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