Daily Prompt: VIP

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

Barry, my husband, is the most important person in my life. Unfortunately, at age 47, I have found myself in need of a caregiver.

Barry, not only has the role of the love of my life, but he is legally considered my caregiver. It kills me that my body has done this so early in our marriage, but you deal with what life hands you and take things one day at a time.

The good Lord has his plan for each of us, it is not our place to argue the plan. As a previous teacher I had would say; “you know a plan exists, whether you know the content or not, you work, girl, work it!”

Barry is my helping hand in many daily activities and my own personal engineer. I hold Barry to get out of the tub, but I can get in. He has made sure I have all the proper rails and no-slip gadgets I need around the house.

He treats me like a normal human being. He doesn’t treat me like a baby. I love my mother, but she thinks I’m 10 years old when she helps with anything. I’m glad she is here, because I don’t like being home alone.

I fell once in the garage, while home alone, I just happened to be on the phone when it happened. Help was as phone call away. Thank the Good Lord above. I fell into a box of framed pictures, shattered glass and broken frames all around. Terrified, I froze until help arrived.

To be honest with you, I cannot imagine life without Barry. You know, I can’t even get a bra on straight without him. Trust me, I’ve tried, you can find yourself in some serious pickles, trying that alone with one hand. Wheewww…..I could tell you some stories. I refuse to start wearing those pull-on things. They are too hot.

Without Barry, I would need someone to do any driving further than 20 miles away. Yes, mom lives with me, but I refuse to get in a car with her driving. My heart can’t take it.

I’d need someone to manage the yard work, pay the bills, go to the grocery store and make sure I take my medication correctly. There are days, that my brain tumor rules, and it is close to impossible to even get out of bed. On those days, I’d need someone to cook, make sure I eat and clean up.

I cannot do laundry any longer, so that is another thing I’d need help with. Someone would have to walk and feed the dog as well. I can’t leave the fish out, but I believe I could manage the fish food and watering the plants.

In December of 2011, Barry had a massive stroke and I almost lost him. The doctors actually tried to prepare me for the fact he would not make it through the night. Losing him, I think would have killed me. I hate to sound selfish, but God wasn’t finished with him yet. He knew we needed each other.

To date, other than a few deficits, Barry whipped that stroke in the butt and is back to helping me whip this brain tumors butt. We work together, to make sure everything gets done; with mom quietly tagging along. We all take care of each other and it works.

To answer this prompt, I know everything Barry does for me daily and I do not want to even think about my day-to-day existence without him.

Life would be hard and I’d have to let too many strangers into very personal parts of my life.

Yes, mom could help more, but she isn’t as strong as she used to be and I do not want to be the cause of her getting hurt.

Bear bear says, Yeah!

Bear bear says, Yeah!